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At Xtrax Lekka we can trace our bat making heritage back to 1929 when our master bat makers family first made cricket bats in the beautiful surroundings in Punjab.
Unique skills have been handed down through generations from 1929 and we have an expert history that we still apply today to produce the highest quality bats.

In an era dominated by mass machine produced bats, Xtrax Lekka is a bastion of Asian craftsmanship committed to keeping these values alive and kicking. The philosophy of the bat makers remains the same now as it did in 1929: Quality, aesthetic and performance.


Each Xtrax Lekka cricket bat starts life in the same way, as a carefully selected English Willow tree. We only source our seasoned timber from the best suppliers, the likes of which have serviced bat makers for decades. (J.S. Wrights)

When crafting the bat each individual cleft is selected, assessed and hand crafted with traditional tools. Every Xtrax Lekka bat is given its unique character and ultimate performance through its pressing, a time tested technique that sets Xtrax Lekka bats apart from others.

We take pride in each bat we produce and the shaping and balancing of Xtrax Lekka bats is done by hand and eye alone. (No CNC machines)

Once this process is complete you’re left with an expertly crafted bat that offers balance, quality, style and optimum performance.

Hand Craftsmanship:

Each Xtrax Lekka bat is crafted using techniques garnered generations ago. Xtrax Lekka bats are made of only the highest quality English Willow and are produced by the best bat makers in the world.

Every last Xtrax Lekka bat is given its unique character by the master craftsman who cuts and shaves the English Willow to a perfect weight and balance.

They achieve this using their experience alone and that certain ‘X-Factor’.

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