RDX 20/20 Big Hitter

RDX_Big _HitterA new shape for a new format of the game. No wild claims with this bat, simply a bat that delivers all you want and need for the T20 format. Huge imposing edges coupled with a massive profile and our own willow clefts cut bigger as no other willow merchant could supply big enough clefts for this bat.

A shape that has people scratching their heads in amazement at the size of the blade without the weight or terrible balance found in other T20 gimmick bats. We have worked long and hard on making this shape, we have picked up tips and hints from the sub continent and the best bat makers in England before the final design and our hard work has paid off.

bat_2purpleHRThe shape, well where do we start, a profile of a 4lb bat in a range starting at 2.8 is not the sort of thing you see everyday. We have lowered the shoulders as far as you can before the balance becomes a problem and we have also altered the shape in other subtle ways to allow us edges exceeding 40mm in most bats.

The key point for this bat is the feel, it will be slightly heavier than other bats but not that you will notice due to the smile on your face when batting with it. The result of the edge and spine size and profile creates a hitting area that dwarfs any other bat on the market, the sheer volume of willow in all areas allows good and bad shots to have the sort of power behind them you could only previously dream of.

Truly a bat that you need to use once only to know it is for you, the time and work spent developing this bat has been the best spent of all. It will undoubtedly inspire the lesser brands to copy it and follow our path but we enjoy being leaders and you will see the benefits in our work from the first shot.

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