RDX Cricket Bat

This bat comes from the finest own grown and produced English willow clefts direct from our contracted grower in Southern England.

Once felled the tree’s are split, sawn and dried by our own team who will monitor the drying process to ensure an even and level moisture content before being graded. The clefts are then hand crafted into bats in England to our exact specifications and will only be labelled once we are sure of the superior playing ability that comes from hand testing each bat with a wooden mallet and years of experience.

The RDX shape has been based on the exact requirements of several International cricketers, their input has been used alongside that of the bat maker to ensure that the shape performs, as playing cricket for a living means total reliance on the bat itself.

The bat has a semi oval handle which will allow a better placed and secured grip for the bottom hand, this will decrease rotation of the bat during the shot which will increase the delivered power and accuracy of the shot.

The bulk of the willow is in the middle of the bat which is where we all mostly hit the ball and so again will give a better return of energy on the majority of shots. The smooth lines of the edges build from the shoulder to the middle and taper away to the toe. This impressive shape gives a light pick up and that makes batting for long periods easier and the better balance allows for a quick correction during the stroke should the ball not bounce as expected.

The pressing of the bat creates a perfect union of durability and power, the knocking in process for our bats in shorter than that of a cheaply made imported bat and will also perform quicker and better. This bat is being used by International cricketers in the same grade of willow and shape as used by you, we have no need to supply a different grade and shape to our sponsored players as we are able to maintain a high quality in all areas throughout the process.

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